Hang Loose at Hangout

Sun, sand and a whole lot of shake were had at the 2024 Hangout Music Fest. The Hangout is a really unique festival space that transforms a mile of boardwalk and beach into one of the most immersive and creative music experiences out there. Nestled at the end of Gulf Shores, four stages awaited festival goer’s with an eclectic array of artists.

This year, HOMF seemed to be taking bolder chances on up and coming rising stars, rather than using the tried and true acts rolling through the festival circuits to draw crowds. Don’t misunderstand- there were some veteran powerhouses on that lineup, like the ethereal Lana del Ray, Nelly, Odesza, and Cage the Elephant but they were joined by artists exploding onto the scene through organic engagement turned viral like Doechii, David Kushner and Matt Maeson. I got to explore a ton of new-to-me artists up close and I just know some of them are going to be headlining festivals soon. It’s always a cool experience to see someone playing opening sets one year and then full production the next. This HOMF felt like we were witnessing something important as many of these artists were still hot off their freshman albums, and if they keep that same fire, I just know they’re going to be tearing up the scene.
While music is the heartbeat of Hangout, there’s so much more to the festival and I want to start with the absolute best part, to me; the food.

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