Tool: Live in Biloxi

The moment the house lights go dark is always one of suspense… of palpable excitement. It’s the moment that signals the show is about to start, and that those house lights will soon be replaced by an entirely new atmosphere as the music vibrates across the space and new visuals stimulate the eye, drawing you out of your normal day and fully into the concert experience.

It’s been over twenty years since Tool took the stage in Biloxi. In that time, this is the exact kind of feeling fans have come to look forward to from the Grammy-winning act. Their five studio albums and Opiate EP span genres of hard rock, prog, alternative metal and what some might call “art rock.” To most fans though, Tool is really just Tool. It is its own experience; one that doesn’t follow any particular conventions, rules or deadlines other than those that the band choose for themselves. It’s an approach that has cultivated a rich following and led to Tool fans having a reputation for being REALLY into Tool. The band’s appeal, however, reaches far beyond their diehard base and has made them one of the most notable acts in all of rock.

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