One Gulf One Goal, the Journey Toward a More Sustainable Gulf

There are many heroes of the arts deeply embedded in the patchwork of South Mississippi’s culture and history. From George Ohr, to Walter Anderson and so many more that have paved the way for future generations to be inspired to create, to draw, to paint their truth. There is a man today who stands at the same height as those giants, and where Ohr had his pottery, and Anderson his islands, it is Marty Wilson who concerns himself almost singularly with fish. Of course, his paintings of the Gulf Coast’s many aquatic creatures are well known. His prints rest on the walls of many Gulf Coast homes, and one of his largest pieces to date covers the front of The Reef Restauranfor passersby to take in on their commute down Highway 90. It was his love for the very creatures he paints that moved him to create One Gulf One Goal of which he is the sitting President.

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